Earth Song Music Lessons

Studio Policy

 September 3, 2019 through June 1, 2020

Monthly Tuition

Monthly Tuition includes:

  • Four weekly lessons a month at The Farmhouse

  • Built-in make-up lesson time slots for convenient rescheduling

  • Access to Visibook — an easy-to-use online scheduling website/app

  • Winter Concert

  • Spring Concert

  • Various community performance opportunities throughout the year

Private Lessons - Monthly Tuition Rates:

  • Four 30 minute lessons - $140/month

  • Four 45 minute lessons - $190/month

  • Four 60 minute lessons - $230/month

Songwriter Mentoring -Tuition Rates:

  • Songwriter Mentoring Sessions are available "a la carte."

    • 30 minute session - $30

    • 45 minute session - $40

    • 60 minute session - $50

  • Already take private lessons? Substitute a lesson for a songwriting session any time!

-New- Cancellation Policy

-New- Cancellation Policy

  • Life happens, things come up! You can cancel/reschedule a lesson at any time. Simply e-mail or text your teacher to cancel.

  • When you cancel a lesson, you receive a make-up lesson credit which is valid for 30 days after your cancelled lesson.

  • For your convenience, make-up lesson time slots are built into our weekly schedule on most Fridays. Additional make-up lesson time slots may be available Monday-Thursday depending on how full our schedules become and depending on cancellations week-to-week.

  • All make-up lessons are booked through our online scheduling calendar called Visibook (see below for details!). All make-up lesson time-slot openings will be posted on Visibook. It is the student’s/parent’s responsibility to schedule make-up lessons.

  • After 30 days, unused make-up credits expire and the tuition is forfeited.

  • The same policy applies if Jess or Andrew cancel a lesson.

Visibook Calendar

To schedule make-up lessons, we use an easy-to-use online scheduling calendar called Visibook. Visibook can be accessed via its website on your laptop or desktop computer. Or, you can download the app for your phone. The link to our Earth Song Visibook Calendar will be sent via email.

Monthly tuition Policy

Monthly Tuition Due Date

Monthly Tuition is due by the 1st day of every month. You will receive an invoice via email each month.

Late Payment Fee

Please make tuition payments on time by the 1st day of every month. Payments made 5+ days late will receive a $10 late fee on the following month’s tuition invoice.

November 2019 & December 2019

November and December only have 3 lesson weeks because of Thanksgiving and Christmas. For these two months, tuition will only be for the cost of 3 lessons. Please see the rates for November and December below.

  • Monthly Tuition Rates for November 2019 & December 2019:

    • Three 30 minute lessons - $105

    • Three 45 minute lessons - $143

    • Three 60 minute lessons - $173

Payment Method Options

  • Checks payable to Jessica Smith -or- Andrew Smith. *Bounced check fee ~ $25*

  • Pay securely online via Inuit Quickbooks (link provided in monthly tuition invoice).

2019-2020 Earth Song Studio Calendar

Please mark your calendars with these important Earth Song dates!
The calendar will be updated and re-posted throughout the year as new events and performance opportunities are scheduled.

2019-2020 Student/Parent Contract

Prior to beginning lessons, please submit the 2019-2020 Student/Parent Contract & Emergency Contact Form.

Prospective Student Enrollment

We always accept enrollment forms for new students! However, we do not always have available time-slots for new students. If you would like to check on availability before submitting an enrollment form, please e-mail Jess at If we do not currently have availability, you can be added to our waiting-list.